A local Turnkey solution

TrueMed offers a complete and tailored local solution for our partners, from port to patient. We have the dedicated team, specialized infrastructure, and unique operating approach to develop a market model that fits the needs of our therapies and of our patients from day one:
TrueMed capabilities
TrueMed capabilities
TrueMed is fully certified with key international standards: GMP, ISO2001, and ISO18345. Let’s talk about what makes TrueMed unique locally, and see if we can be a better fit for your therapies.

Designed to address the changing dynamics in the market

The local landscape is quickly evolving and aligning more closely with EMA and FDA regulations. Agility and deep understanding of the space are key to ensure that our partners’ therapies are always best positioned and accessible to appropriate patients at all times.

At TrueMed , our team is constantly re-assessing our therapies’ position to mitigate risks and ensure optimal access – future proofing without losing a step.

Therapeutic Focus

Rare and Ultra Rare Diseases

TrueMed today is the premier provider of therapeutic options for rare and ultra-rare conditions. We work closely with the national network of Rare Disease specialists and centers, collaborating with healthcare professionals to identify patients and ensure fast diagnosis, educate and raise awareness, and help with therapy initiation, adherence, and support families on their journey.

Specialty Care

TrueMed is active in several specialties, including more common, as well as niche indications. Our Specialty Care teams work cross-functionally to address the unique needs of each specialty.

Personalized Medicine

Matching the right therapy to the right patient may mean saving precious time, cost, and undue burden on patients and loved ones. TrueMed markets multiple therapies which are dependent on unique biomarkers. As part of our efforts, we provide comprehensive education for healthcare professionals to establish the validity and utility of personalized medicine, and collaborate with them to optimize medical outcomes for their patients.

Undefined Conditions

There are many disorders which the medical community has yet to define. Be it a variation of a known condition, a subset, or something similar but not quite – these conditions require a unique skill set to help define, raise awareness, and advocate for access to new therapies. TrueMed has successfully commercialized multiple therapies that required this extra layer of development, through precisely orchestrated cross-functional work and innovative approaches and tactics to market education

Early Access Programs

TrueMed has specialized capabilities for early access programs in multiple configurations, for patients who need innovative therapies that are not currently registered in Israel. Contact us for additional information including details on the therapeutic areas we are active in and list of partners and available therapies.

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