Partnering with TrueMed

We may be a Better Fit for You

TrueMed was designed as a dedicated and focused local distribution partner for small to mid-sized global innovators. If you are developing a great therapy and want a local partner that will give it the attention that it needs and the investment it requires, TrueMed may be a good fit for you.

There are many great distribution companies in Israel. If you are looking for a focused long-term partner that can grow with you, and a local passionate team of professionals that will do absolutely anything possible (within compliance) to make sure that the appropriate patients have access to your therapies, TrueMed may be a better fit for you.

Ask us about our case studies and learn how we achieved great outcomes for our partners and patients.

TrueMed was Designed for Our Patients’ and our Partners’ Success

TrueMed was designed as an ideal local partner for fast results and long-term growth. We take care of the full local process, and provide complete transparency so that you and your team can have the confidence you are in good hands, and the precise knowledge of local progress.

Beyond our partners’ own needs, we appreciate the complexity of your regulatory requirements and so TrueMed has the capability and flexibility to address our partners’ governance, reporting, and alliance management requirements.

TrueMed’s Partnering Objectives

TrueMed seeks partners with therapies in advanced clinical research stage or on the market.

An ideal partner for us would be a small to mid-size company that shares our passion for patient care, with therapies that address an unmet medical need or provide a significant improvement over current standard of care in the relevant therapeutic area.

TrueMed endeavors to focus our operations within a set of therapeutic areas in which we have a presence, and relevant capabilities. Accordingly, as part of our due diligence process with the prospective partner, we evaluate a fit with our current operations to ensure we are truly a good option for the partner, and then provide a comprehensive business case to support our assessment.

Flexibility in Collaboration Models

TrueMed believes that no business relationship is like another, and each should be developed based on the needs of each partner, and the dynamic of the teams. Accordingly, we will propose different partnership models based on what we know to be best practices for a specific therapeutic area, taking into account the partner’s preferences and requirements. TrueMed will always commit to dedicated resources for each partner, a transparent and honest collaboration, and the most appropriate go-to-market model for each therapy.

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