About TrueMed


TrueMed was founded as a dedicated, focused local organization designed to provide a tailored port-to-patient solution to a select group of small to mid-sized global innovators.

The company’s founders, Shmulik Berkovich & Arie Koren, have been leaders in the Israeli healthcare industry for many years, and are well known globally for their achievements. They identified an unmet need in the local market – among the many distribution partners with highly diverse portfolios, there was lack of focus and specialization - And so, TrueMed was established to do just that. With a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals, specialized infrastructure, and an operational approach designed for the Rare Disease and Specialty Care space, our track record of success clearly shows that TrueMed is the partner that can provide innovators the right attention, investment, and dedication to make sure their therapies are a success.

In a highly competitive market with many giant distribution companies, TrueMed prides itself on delivering a different kind of partnership, driven by highly experienced and passionate people, deep understanding of the space, strong stakeholder relationships, and a hassle-free process.

Ask us how we bring this approach to life in our values, behaviors, and our outcomes for our patients and our partners.


TrueMed is becoming the first-choice distribution partner for global innovators seeking to enter the local market with a view of long-term success, and transformative patient care.

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Do the right thing for our patients and partners, with passion and desire for excellence.


TrueMed will optimize the local opportunity for our partners by providing a best-in-class customer experience to patients, healthcare professionals, and payers, with therapies that address unmet medical needs or improve on current standard of care, and the tailored support to go along with it.



We care about our patients and their care partners. We are dedicated to delivering innovative, meaningful therapies and services that can transform their lives.


We respect all our partners. We believe in the value of long-term partnerships and we are honest and transparent so we can build and maintain trust and effective collaboration.


We will not compromise our integrity. Our reputation is critical to our ability to deliver on our promise to our patients and our partners. We will never compromise patient safety.


We take pride in what we do and what we stand for. We always plan to do it right the first time, and we quickly learn and adapt when we fail.


Shmulik Berkovich Founder & CEO-TrueMed rare diseases company in israel

Shmulik Berkovich

Founder & CEO
Arie Koren Founder & CEO Truemed

Arie Koren

Founder & CEO
Rachel Kipnis Deputy CEO-TrueMed rare diseases company in israel

Rachel Kipnis

Deputy CEO
Idan Berkovich VP Business Development-TrueMed rare diseases company in israel

Idan Berkovich

VP Business Development
Michal Nir Adv Head of Legal & Compliance-TrueMed rare diseases company in israel

Michal Nir Adv

Head of Legal & Compliance
Shlomit Zur PharmD, Appointed Pharmacist-Head of Business Operations TrueMed rare diseases company in israel

Shlomit Zur

Appointed Pharmacist
Eyal Marton-Zeevi

Eyal Marton-Zeevi

Head of Market Access
Adi Lindenbaum Head of Marketing-TrueMed rare diseases company in israel

Adi Lindenbaum

Head of Marketing
HEMDA CHEN-Head of Medical Affairs

Hemda Chen

Head of Medical Affairs
Raya Schwartz Head of Quality Assurance-TrueMed rare diseases company in israel

Raya Schwartz

Head of Quality Assurance
Avi Shaulov -Head of Business Operation at truemed

Avi Shaulov

Head of Business Operation

Ethics & Compliance

TrueMed operates according to the strictest standards for ethical behavior.

Our Corporate Ethics and Compliance Program was developed based on local regulations, international standards, and internal policies which translate our values into appropriate actions and create an environment conducive for real patient success.

We have a robust compliance toolbox which enables our team to achieve results and ensure patient safety, with no compromise whatsoever, all while guaranteeing a safe, positive, and welcoming environment for our employees.

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Corporate Citizenship

TrueMed is a proud contributing member of the Rare Disease and Specialty Care community. We understand that as a company dedicated to improve the lives of our patients and their families, we have a responsibility to positively impact our community, and as such, we have implemented policies to make that happen:

Social Responsibility
TrueMed organizes social engagement activities and encourages our employees to take part in broader community initiatives when possible.

TrueMed endeavors to minimize our impact on the environment. We source post-consumer materials as much as we can, and institute internal procedures to ensure that we reduce, reuse, and recycle whatever possible.